Knowledge Bits

I'm a GitBook, read me at KnowledgeBits.io.

What is this about?

It's a collection bits of knowledge that I encountered over the years.
In creating it I strive for remembering and sharing inspiration, not comprehensiveness. I hope you find it useful!


🐾 Pattern

This is a small, reusable piece of behavior. It may be specific to certain situations and is supposed to deliver some kind of value. Related to software design patterns and liberating structures.

πŸ’‘ Realization

Some smart person put wisdom into a sentence. Ready for you to consume, remember and read later.

😺 Meme

This is a catch-phrase that makes it easy to convey a complex meaning in an easy-to-communicate way. It reduces the mental load of remembering, discussing and applying certain useful concepts.

πŸ”­ Tool

This is a little framework somebody came up with to solve specific types of problems. It's what you learn from coworkers, in trainings to make your life easier. It can be a type of chart, a way of structuring something or a small piece of software.

πŸ“š Article/Book

This, surprisingly, denotes an article or a book.


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