Tech & Product Management

🐾 Pattern, 💡 Realization, 😺 Meme, 🔭 Tool, 📚 Article/Book
Legend: 🐾 Pattern, 💡 Realization, 😺 Meme, 🔭 Tool, 📚 Article/Book
💡 Your product's raison d’être is to turn its user into a superhero.
🐾 Avoid writing software wherever possible. It's tantalizing for the entire organization, distracting, expensive, hard to maintain and harder to change. - myself
📚 Managers' schedules vs. makers' schedules and the cost of meetings: Brilliant article by Paul Graham.
💡Outsourcing companies / agencies have a "The client is always right" mindset, while product companies need teams that own the product and fight over it.
🐾 Rubber duck debugging: Explain a problem to a hypothetical rubber duck to structure your own thoughts and come to a much better understanding or find solutions. - The Pragmatic Programmer
💡 A reason to distinguish between the terms "developer" and "engineer" is to point out that the goal of an engineer is not to write code but to solve a problem, ideally with as little code as possible. - Renn Vara

Product Discovery & Requirements Engineering

🐾 MVP thinking: Question all assumptions about customer need - unknown
🐾 Value management: Challenge safe assumptions regularly, don't wait for external triggers. Things are easily overlooked - Alexander
📚 How to scale a magical experience. Reid Hoffmann interviews Airbnb's Brian Chesky who shares inspiring approaches to discovering, building and scaling truly customer-centric experiences.