Hiring & Being Hired

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Hiring someone

🐾 Hire up! Or as Steve Jobs used to say: A players hire A players, and B players hire C players. The most important service you can do yourself, your team, and your company is to hire people who blow you away.

πŸ’‘ "Culture Add" matters a lot more than "Culture Fit" - Meri Williams

πŸ’‘ People who want to bring their own framework/solution are trouble: Risk of self-focus and insecurities. - Alexander Thiel

🐾 Take strategic hires out for dinner and don't talk work at all. It's the most efficient way to find out whether you'll work as a team. - Unknown executive recruiter.

πŸ’‘ Best predictor for being able to recruit and retain the people you want is somebody's ability to agree with the statement "someone like me can be successful here" - Meri Williams

Being interviewed for a job

🐾 Ask "what would you add" / "what was missing in my response" after responding to factual questions. - Various interviews / Alexander Thiel

🐾 Ask whether your response answered the question. - Various interviews / Alexander Thiel

🐾 Take notes. It allows you to learn faster and it shows that you care - Various interviews / Lennart Weber

🐾 When gettting feedback after an interview or assessment center: Don't defend yourself. Their opinion is made up, your only making it worse. Take notes, ask for clarifications and smile. - Alexander Thiel

🐾 When being interviewed, ask (fitting) personal questions to destroy the wall and get on eye level. - Various interviews / Alexander Thiel

🐾 Great question to dig deeper: What is each top managers worst weakness and greatest strength? - Kari PenttilÀ

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