Tiny Tool Hacks

This lists tiny tricks to make more efficient use of standard tools and save time every day

💡 Master your Environment: We're working with ever-more sophisticated tools every day. Every step to save a few seconds or minutes allows you to focus on what's important to you and increases your efficiency.

🐾 Quick-access custom searches in your browser. You can easily save hotkeys to search Google Maps, LinkedIn, a dictionary, your Google Drive or virtually any other site in Google Chrome and in Firefox. Instead of a term, use a single letter to save time (e.g. m for Google Maps, l for LinkedIn, ...)

👾 Toolbar bookmarks to create new documents in drive

👾 Pin tabs for email, calendar, task board and other important websites

  • Hotkey access via CMD+1 (depends on operating system)

👾 Get rid of print-only margins in Google Docs

  • Google Docs enables the print layout by default. Assuming you rarely print, you can save space by disabling it in the "View" menu.

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