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🐾 Actually listening (almost nobody is good at it) - Various (excellent article on WikiHow)
🐾 The Five Whys - Sakichi Toyoda
😺 Fire and Forget: Delegated work has to be executed or reported back on by the assignee. The goal is to kill any need to track progress and create full trust into assignee. - Stefan Richter
💡 It's only rational to complain about the environment if there's maintained rejection of a reasonable initiative. - Alexander Thiel
💡 Replacing "but" with "and" doesn't depreciate what's before the "and". - not attributable
🐾 The 10-second rule: When a conversation's temperature start to rise, add ample breaks to allow yourself and others to structure thoughts and make sure everybody feels heard. - Jason Aton
🐾 Provide context: Make your communication immediately actionable and remove the need for back-and-forth clarification questions. This turns your coworkers into superheroes.
🐾 Radical Candor: Care Personally and challenge directly. Watch or read up on it - it's insanely powerful.

Managing knowledge

🐾 Document discussion can often be sped up by noting and aligning on what a section wants to get across before formulating paragraphs - Alexander Thiel

Presenting something

🐾 1. Tell me what you are going to tell me 2. Tell me 3. Tell me what you told me - unknown, learned from Lennart Telwest
🐾 Design and optimize your presentation for the 3 things listeners will tell their peers when talking about it. Keep these questions in mind: What will peers think? What could go wrong? What are the opportunities? - Renn Vara
🐾 Immediately debrief after a presentation: What went well, what didn't? - Meri Williams

Sales Conversations

🐾 Catnip: A easy-to-remember way of quickly assessing relevance in initial sales conversations - Hieu Le
  • Cause: Why are they in pain/talking to me?
  • Authority: What kind of purchasing authority do they have? How are they involved in the cash flow management process?
  • Tools: What tools are they using to figure out what their cash position is?
  • Nickel: What (range) is their budget?
  • Implementation: Assuming that our tool can do x, y, and z, how quickly can we decide? How quickly can we onboard?
  • Process: what is their buying process?
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