Personal Growth

🐾 Ask yourself what nobody’s asking you: Whatever your role, you'll excel at it if you routinely take a step back and do this. Possible starting points: How to improve on quality, speed, and end-to-end ownership?
Find Mentors: Most professionals are super happy to share wisdom and knowledge. Not asking for it unnecessarily slows your growth and leaves a massive learning and networking opportunity untapped.
🐾 Feed on Feedback: Asking for structured feedback is the most powerful source for operational, personal, and tactical learnings. It boosts personal growth, honesty, reflection, and happiness.
Know Thyself: You don't win by ignoring, controlling, or suppressing parts of your personality. The faster you fall in love with your weaknesses, the better you get at deploying yourself on the right challenges and, ultimately at being successful. Bot most importantly: It's your only path to self-love and happiness.