💡 Reversibility should be the prime criterion in determining how much effort to put into decisions. Don't wast time on making reversible decisions. - Jeff Bezos

🐾 Repetitive task with more than 3 steps? Use a checklist with one column per execution, add columns on the left

📚 "A day in the park". On problem vs. solution spaces :) - Kostas Kiriakakis

🐾 Push Left: Many processes can be viewed as funnels. And what they all have in common is that the further left (or up) something (ticket, candidate, task, ...) leaves the funnel, the less cost it causes. Measure conversion rates and push qualification, filtering, and quality as far up as possible.

🐾 Pre-Mortems: Imagine the project failed. Find out the top reasons why it did. Actively mitigate them to succeed.

🐾 Focus on the right problems at the right time, different things come for free at different points - Meri Williams

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