Knowledge Bits
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πŸ’‘ Reversibility should be the prime criterion in determining how much effort to put into decisions. Don't wast time on making reversible decisions. - Jeff Bezos​
πŸ’‘ Management = "Create Space to be Awesome" = "Purpose + Autonomy + Mastery + Inclusion" - Meri Williams​
πŸ’‘ There are three kinds of managers: the shit umbrella, the shit funnel and the shit fan. - Caterina Fake​
🐾 Tell people that I believe in them and why I believe in them - Meri Williams​
🐾 Focus on the right problems at the right time, different things come for free at different points - Meri Williams​
🐾 Repetitive task with more than 3 steps? Use a checklist with one column per execution, add columns on the left - Alexander
πŸ’‘ The demand upon a resource tends to expand to match its supply if the price is zero. Example: Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion - Various, including Cyril Northcote Parkinson​
πŸ“š "A day in the park". On problem vs. solution spaces :) - Kostas Kiriakakis​
πŸ’‘ Only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion, and underperformance. Everything else requires leadership. - Peter Drucker​

Structuring Charts

πŸ”­ SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis - obscure/unknown​


🐾 1-2-4-all - Liberating Structures​
🐾 When brainstorming a problem: Think about 7 outlandish, completely unrealistic solutions to the problem, and then about 3 realistic ones. This unleashes more creativity and out-of-the-box-thinking - Sean Bonner​


🐾 Repeat yourself at least 7 times: Others still need to hear beyond the point when you're worried you've been repetitive - Meri Williams​
🐾 Managers don't quarrel in front of the team - Kari PenttilÀ​